Welcome to Vest DeFi Research Forum (READ BEFORE POSTING!)

Hello all, welcome to the Vest DeFi Research Forum! This is intended to be an inclusive place for general research into decentralized finance.

Anyone can publish posts open to the community for discussion. This could be in the form of brief insights, research (qualitative or quantitative), asides on specialized topics, and much more. In doing so we hope to facilitate meaningful conversations and advance the state of defi research through this open-source collaboration.

Some of the topics may include…

  • Automated market makers
  • Asset pricing
  • Risk measures
  • Algorithmic permissionless governance
  • Econometric model calibration
  • Financial time-series forecasting

Through this effort, we also hope to form genuine relationships with contributors in the space and stay true to the ethos of crypto and maintain a transparent look into our own research. In this regard, we’ll be regularly publishing our quantitative research as well to this forum.

Since anyone can make a post, for the time being our team will take down posts that are clearly not facilitating genuine discussion (i.e. bots/scams/etc…). In the near future, we will move towards an open reputation-based moderating system.

Vest Labs is crypto research firm currently working towards democratizing the landscape with permissionless perpetual futures. See https://www.vest.xyz/.